Hand and Wrist InjuriesThe inability to use your hands or wrists could prevent you from doing just about any job. If such an injury was caused by an accident or illness related to your work, you should be able to obtain workers’ compensation benefits without a fight from your employer. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen.

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What are Hand and Wrist Injuries?

Hand and wrist injuries can include amputations, stiff joints, fractured bones or nerve damage and paralysis.

Carpal tunnel syndrome, in particular, is a progressively painful hand and arm condition. It is caused by a pinched nerve in your wrist. This occurs when the tissues surrounding the flexor tendons in the wrist swell and put pressure on the median nerve, which runs from your wrist across the palm of your hand. Repetitive motion or stress may lead to this condition.

Why Do Hand and Wrist Injuries Happen on the Job in Florida?

Jobs involving the use of heavy or sharp tools, instruments or machinery represent a risk of traumatic injury to the hands and wrists. Typical accidents range from striking your thumb with a hammer to getting a hand cut, burned, crushed, mangled or amputated in a piece of machinery. Because individuals instinctively put their hands out to break a fall, wrist fractures in falls are common in occupational settings.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is commonly attributed to working with vibrating tools or on an assembly line that requires prolonged or repetitive flexing of the wrist. This creates harmful pressure on the median nerve to your hand and the tendons that bend your fingers. It may worsen existing nerve damage.

Who Is at Risk of Hand and Wrist Injuries at Work?

Falls that result in wrist or hand injuries can occur in any work setting and disable any worker. Construction and demolition workers of all kinds work with tools and machinery that are likely to do severe damage, including amputations or crushing fractures.

Mechanics also risk harming their hands and wrists around heavy tools, machinery and automotive parts. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a threat to clerical workers, factory and mill workers and others whose jobs require continuous, repetitive motions of the hand and wrist.

How Can a Florida Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Help You with Your Hand or Wrist Injury?

If you have suffered a hand or wrist injury at work, it is crucial for you to receive proper medical care and treatment. You also need to contact a lawyer to protect your rights.

A lawyer from Frank M. Eidson, P.A., can help you to seek the Florida workers’ compensation benefits you deserve, including assisting you in an appeal if your claim has been denied.

After a thorough investigation of your injury and the accident or work conditions that caused it, we may also help you to pursue a third-party injury claim. These claims can provide compensation that goes beyond what you can obtain through workers’ compensation.

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