Two surgeries for back injuries suffered in a crash. Frank obtained a $1.2 million verdict and SSD benefits totaling $1,600 per month.



The client fell from a roof while working and suffered a severe spinal cord injury. Frank obtained a $1 million settlement of the client’s claim.



The client suffered a traumatic brain injury in a tractor-trailer crash. Frank went to court and secured a $1.15 million verdict.



Suffering with severe orthopedic injuries requiring multiple surgeries. Frank M. Eidson, P.A., obtained lifetime benefits at trial.

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When you or someone you love is injured and you find yourself needing a Personal Injury Attorney, you should settle for nothing but the best.

Frank Eidson, P.A. has been tirelessly representing the rights of Central Florida victims since 1989. He sees every case as an opportunity to ensure that the court system works and that his clients are provided with the resources they need to put their lives back together. The Orlando law firm handles all types of personal injury cases, including automobile, boating, and motorcycle accidents; personal injury/battery; premise liability; Social Security; and Workers’ Compensation.

Mr. Eidson’s goal is to deliver success and security for his clients, who are victims of the negligence of others. He has obtained a variety of large settlements totaling hundreds of millions of dollars. Above is a small sampling of his successful outcomes

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These are only a few of Orlando personal injury lawyer Frank Eidson’s many successful settlements. He has helped numerous clients to secure just compensation for their injuries and disabilities. If you need help with a personal injury, Social Security, or workers’ compensation case, contact Frank M. Eidson, P.A., today.

Auto Accidents Settlements

$1.2 MillionThe plaintiff was injured in a t-bone car accident and required two back surgeries. He also lost his job paying $50,000 per year. He received a $1.2 million verdict, and Social Security disability benefits totaling $1,600 per month.
$150,000.00The plaintiff was riding her bicycle in front of Orlando Regional Medical Center when a vehicle turned in front of her. The plaintiff was given the ticket and she underwent a surgery on her hand.
$285,000The plaintiff was driving on a country road and hit a cow that had escaped through an open agricultural gate. The plaintiff suffered injuries to the face, neck, and back, and received $285,000.
$1.15 MillionA tractor trailer cut in front of the plaintiff, causing a traumatic head injury, as well as soft tissue injuries to the neck and back. The plaintiff lost a job paying $65,000 per year. He received a $1.15 million verdict.
$100,000.00The plaintiff was in the left lane when a taxi cab (Mears Transportation) cut them off so they could not change lanes and lost control of the vehicle. This resulted in a neck and back sprain in which the plaintiff lost her job.
$75,000.00The plaintiff was injured in Kissimmee, Florida and treated with a chiropractic physician only.
$195,000.00The plaintiff was traveling down the road when her vehicle was hit on the side. The plaintiff injured her neck and ultimately lost her job. She treated mostly with a pain management clinic and had a number of MRI’s.
$120,000.00The plaintiff was injured when she was a passenger in a car and was driving to the job site at Walt Disney World. She injured her neck and did not require surgery.
$80,000.00The plaintiff was driving on a county road in Orange County, Florida when the other driver crossed the double yellow line crashing into the plaintiff’s car. The plaintiff injured her back but did not have surgery.
$225,000.00The plaintiff was driving home on a dark road at night when two cows were in the middle of the road. The plaintiff sued the homeowner who allowed the fence to be in disrepair and allowed the cows to get out. The plaintiff never had surgery but was in the hospital for a number of days after the accident.

Boating Accident Settlements

$285,000The plaintiff was a guest on a pleasure boat. The driver of the boat negligently ran into the shoreline. The plaintiff sustained a cervical injury, but did not require surgery. The case settled for $285,000.

Motorcycle Accident Settlements

$100,000.00The plaintiff was t-boned at an intersection and had hand surgery on his wrist. The gentleman returned to work.

Personal Injury/Battery Settlements

$113,750.00The plaintiff worked for Greyhound Lines as a bus driver and was attacked by a passenger. The plaintiff suffered face and neck injuries.

Social Security Settlements

Lifetime BenefitsThe claimant suffered severe orthopedic injuries, which required multiple surgeries. The Social Security Administration denied benefits. Frank M. Eidson, P.A., obtained lifetime benefits at trial.
Lifetime BenefitsThe claimant contracted hepatitis and other blood disorders, and was denied Social Security benefits. The firm achieved lifetime benefits at trial.
Lifetime BenefitsThe claimant was a 50-year-old female suffering from congestive heart failure and COPD. She was denied benefits by the Social Security Administration. At trial, the firm secured lifetime benefits for the claimant.
Lifetime BenefitsThe claimant, a disabled 55-year-old male, had unsuccessful back surgery and remained disabled. He was initially denied benefits by the Social Security Administration. Orlando personal injury lawyer Frank M. Eidson, P.A., obtained lifetime benefits at trial.

Workers’ Comp

Indemnity and Medical Benefits for LifeThe claimant was exposed to pesticides at work. His employer and insurance carrier denied that he was injured on the job. He was awarded indemnity and medical benefits for life after a merits hearing and an appeal.
Six Figure SettlementThe claimant was burned when he touched a live wire while installing an air conditioning unit. His employer and insurance carrier denied benefits. The case was ultimately settled for an undisclosed six figure sum.
$1 Million SettlementThe claimant fell from a roof and suffered a spinal cord injury. The case was settled out of court for $1 million after litigation.
Indemnity and Medical Benefits for LifeThe claimant fell two stories on the job, suffering a traumatic head injury as well as neck and back injuries. His employer and insurance carrier denied permanent disability. The case settled out of court, and the claimant received indemnity and medical benefits for life.
$92,500.00The claimant injured her knees working as a clerical assistant.
$100,000.00The claimant was injured on the job and Crawford & Company fought for the employer that the accident did not occur on the job. The employer/carrier stated the claimant was injured at home and lost.
$104,250.00The claimant injured herself while lifting hair products at her salon. The claimant was a hairdresser and could not return to her job because of the pain in her neck which did not require surgery.
$110,000.00The claimant injured her legs while on the job and the employer fought over her average weekly wage. We ultimately were successful in getting her correct average weekly wage to include her commissions.
$90,620.00The claimant was working as an air conditioning repair man and was lifting an A/C unit when he hurt his back. The claimant treated with an orthopaedic physician but did not have surgery.
$125,000.00The claimant slipped and fell injuring his right knee and underwent a surgery for his ACL.
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