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Catastrophic personal injury victims who have been involved in serious auto accidents, construction accidents, or recreational boating accidents sometimes require amputations. Sometimes a victim’s fingers, toes, hands, feet, or even an entire limb is so severely damaged that reconstruction is not an option. In other cases, amputations may be required to prevent further damage or to save a person’s life. Regardless of how amputation injury occurs, the effects of this extreme extremity injury are both physically and emotionally devastating. In addition to the loss of motor functions and immense psychological trauma amputation injury victims suffer; most of these catastrophic injury victims are unable to return to work, compounding the financial effect of the accident.

At the Orlando law office of Frank M. Eidson, P.A., our catastrophic injury attorney helps victims obtain fair compensation for amputation injuries. Serving central Florida communities, personal injury lawyer Frank M. Eidson has recovered millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements on behalf of past clients. To discuss your amputation claim with an experienced catastrophic injury attorney, contact our Orlando personal injury law firm today and schedule a consultation.

Amputation Injury Lawsuits

Regrettably, our catastrophic injury attorney has seen first hand the physical, emotional, and financial implications of an amputation injury. Furthermore, we know just how essential financial recovery is to the victim’s family and their wellbeing. At the law office of Frank M. Eidson, P.A., we believe no victim, nor their families, should bear the cost of an accident that was not their fault.

Catastrophic injury attorney Frank Eidson works diligently to obtain the maximum compensation possible for costs associated with amputation injuries. If successful, your personal injury lawsuit may compensate you for:

  • Medical expenses (hospital, surgical, and ambulance bills, etc.)
  • Rehabilitation costs (expenses tied to restoring your ability to function)
  • Lost income (actual wages lost due to your injury)
  • Diminished earning capacity (the reduction of your ability to earn future wages)
  • Pain and suffering (distress, both physical and mental, as a result of your injury)

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Amputation and other catastrophic personal injury victims suffer tremendous emotional stress, physical pain, and are saddled with immense financial burdens. If you have been seriously injured and think you have a claim, contact Orlando catastrophic injury attorney Frank M. Eidson. Convenient to Orlando, Daytona Beach, Melbourne, and clients across Central Florida, we can help you recover fair compensation.


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