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If you have use prescription testosterone therapy and suffered blood clots, heart attack or stroke, you may be entitled to financial compensation.

Were you or a family member treated with Actos? Did you experience serious Actos side effects? If so, you may be entitled to compensation for your suffering.

Actos, a prescription diabetes medication used to relieve mild to moderate pain, is manufactured by drug giant Merck. Despite its popularity, Actos has been linked to an array of serious side effects, including bladder cancer. Actos patients who experience adverse reactions may be entitled to compensation for their suffering.

At The Law Office of Frank M. Eidson, each Actos lawyer has the experience necessary to stand toe-to-toe with big pharmaceutical companies like Merck. Our firm has the resources to successfully litigate an Actos lawsuit. Through the years we’ve handled innumerable personal injury and dangerous drug claims. If you’ve experienced Actos side effects, our attorneys can help.

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What is Actos?

Actos is an oral medication which is used for treatment of Type 2 diabetes. It is part of the same class of drugs as Avandia (rosiglitazone), which has been the focus of concern in the medical community since reports found that Avandia may increase the risk of heart attacks and heart related death. In addition to bladder cancer, Actos side effects include congestive heart failure, heart attack, stroke, liver problems, and bone fractures.

Actos and Bladder Cancer

Concerns about the potential risk of Actos cancer side effects first surfaced when it was discovered that rats given the drug had a higher rate of bladder tumors. Recent results from an on-going 10 year study, involving nearly 200,000 patients with diabetes, suggests that there may be a risk of bladder cancer from Actos the longer the medication is taken.

The FDA announced in September 2010 that Takeda Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer of Actos, provided interim data after five years that suggests there may be a risk of bladder cancer from Actos side effects the longer the medication is used. After 24 months, the rate of exposure and the increased Actos cancer risk reached statistical significance.

In June 2011, an Actos recall was issued in France after health authorities ordered doctors to stop prescribing the drug due to the possible risk of bladder cancer. A French study of public insurance data confirmed that there is a slight increase in the risk of bladder cancer with Actos use, adding to the prior concerns about long-term use of the medication.

Actos and Heart Risks

Actos, and a similar drug marketed as Avandia, have come under serious scrutiny by the FDA, health experts, and consumer advocates because of the significantly increased risk of heart-related side effects.

Cardiovascular side effects are of serious concern among diabetic patients because the disease itself increases the risk of cardiovascular complications. In fact, an estimated 65 percent of all Type-2 diabetes related deaths are the result of heart related complications.

Other Actos Side Effects

Clinical evidence shows that Actos significantly increases the risk of bone fracture, particularly fractures of the distal upper and lower limbs, in female patients. While the mechanism responsible for increased risk of Actos bone fracture is unknown, patients with an increased risk of bone fracture should weigh this side effect risk with potential benefits when considering treatment with Actos.

Actos Lawsuits

It’s not uncommon for pharmaceuticals to be associated with adverse effects or serious side effects. However, drug manufacturers and sellers have certain responsibilities to the public, including:

  • Exercising reasonable care in drug development, manufacturing, inspection, and labeling.
  • Informing the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the public of any side effects.
  • Advertising in a truthful and non-misleading way.

As a consumer and patient, you have the right to trust that your medication is safe. This is not always the case. When a pharmaceutical company acts negligently, its actions can result in serious side effects. Victims however, may have a remedy by bringing a product liability claim against the drug’s maker.

Well-versed in the product liability laws that protect consumers, our Orlando, Florida dangerous drug attorneys have handled countless claims on behalf of victims nationwide. To discuss your claim, contact an experienced Florida Actos lawyer.

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As a consumer and a patient, you have the right to trust your medication is safe. Tragically, this is not always the case. When a pharmaceutical company acts negligently, its actions can result in serious side effects. Victims however, may recoup damages through a successful product liability claim against the drug’s maker.

Our Actos attorneys represent victims across the Central Florida. Well versed in the product liability laws that protect consumers, our Orlando, Florida Actos attorneys have handled countless lawsuits involving harmful pharmaceuticals. If you have experienced Actos side effects, contact us today and discuss your potential claim with an experienced trial attorney.



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