If a worker is injured during employment in Florida, their case is generally accepted for obtaining workers’ compensation check.

Once injured workers have started receiving medical treatment for their injuries, it is normal for them to start to wonder how they will be supporting themselves and their families financially until they can go back to the job.

Thoughts about when a first workers comp check may arrive, who has to pay for all the medical treatment must often be addressed.  One also wonders when doing these checks get cut off and these will be discussed in the article.

When Do You Get Workers’ Comp Check?

1. The Doctors Takes You Completely Out of Work

Your doctor’s role is highly important in getting workers’ comp. The opinion of your treating doctor would bear considerable weight in the compensation case for your workers. This gives a better understanding of your injuries to your treating doctor, your need for medical treatment, your ongoing physical limitations, and the likelihood of full recovery.

If your doctor takes you out completely from work, such as conducting a surgery, you may still get the worker’s comp’ check. 

Your doctor may recommend if you need time off from work. Your doctor will also decide to go back to work when you can.

2. Temporary Total Disability Benefits

If you take time away from work to recover from your work-related accident or sickness, you’ll be eligible for temporary total disability coverage under the Florida workers’ comp.

Temporary total disability benefits are 2/3 of one’s average weekly wage just before the injury, up to an annual adjusted legal maximum.

3. Limited Restrictions

Your doctor sends you back to work with some limitations (such as not lifting heavy items or using a keyboard for a limited period).

If you receive less than you previously while employed under these restrictions, these benefits would be 80 percent of the difference between your current earnings and 80 percent of your pre-injury wages.

Suppose, for instance, you used to earn $1,000 a week but now earn $600. You would subtract $600 from 80% of $1,000 (or $800), to get $200. You would then receive 80% off $200, or $160 per week.

Situations Where Checks Are Turned OffInjured worker at job site holding his knee in pain

1. 100% Health Improvement

Your Workers’ Comp Checks will stop if you have 100% fully recovered.

2. Termination for cause

A justified termination for cause may result in the denial or suspension of workers’ compensation benefits. This may be something you did wrong at work which includes caught stealing at work, testing drug/alcohol positive right after an accident or many other factors may create a justifiable reason.

3. Not following proper treatment

Not following proper treatment, instructions of your doctor and missing appointments may show your non-seriousness or the assumption you have recovered which may lead to cutting off your check.

Doctors create medical records at each appointment which serve as valuable evidence in the case of your workers.

Documentation of the injury, diagnosis, and recovery properly and reliably will lead to fewer chances of getting your workers comp being cut off.

Contact A Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Orlando

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Since you’re almost always limited to the workers’ comp for an on-the-job injury, making sure you get all the benefits you deserve is important.

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