Dangerous Intersections in Central Florida

What Makes an Intersection Dangerous?

An estimated 40% of motor vehicle crashes occur at an intersection or are intersection related. Moreover, 21% of all fatal crashes occur at an intersection and lastly, roughly 49% of crashes in urban areas occur at an intersection. It is important to be aware of dangerous intersections and to approach them with heightened caution. It is recommended that drivers proceed slowly and defensively through intersections, never speeding to catch a red light. In addition, distracted driving is not only extremely dangerous but also illegal. Eating while driving or using a handheld electronic device dramatically increases your odds of crashing, specifically at an intersection.

The University of Kentucky ran a three year study examining 7,000 different intersections and 19,000 intersection crashes in order to determine which intersections had the highest crash rates. Common factors of intersections with higher crash rates included:

  • Number of lanes
  • Volume of traffic
  • Whether the intersection is in a rural or urban area
  • Whether lanes are divided between opposing traffic

The study concluded that intersections in urban areas and those that experience higher daily volumes of traffic produce higher crash rates. Additionally, intersections involving four-lane roads where where there is no divider between opposing lanes of traffic saw higher crash rates. This indicates that a physical divider between lanes of traffic does have a marked impact on intersection safety.

Intersection collisions often result in sideimpact, or T-bone collisions. Side impacts have a higher death rate because vehicles typically have less protective structure there. Furthermore, vehicles that have been struck from the side are often knocked off course, making them susceptible to additional collisions with guard rails, telephone poles and other vehicles.

Dangerous Central Florida Intersections

Central Florida is littered with intersections that see high volumes of traffic daily. Each and every intersection should be viewed as dangerous and approached with caution. However, this is a list of intersections that stand out in terms of potential danger.

  • Orlando – State Highway 50 and State Highway 436
  • Orlando – Sand Lake Road and John Young Parkway
  • Orlando – North Semoran Boulevard and Old Cheney Highway
  • Clearwater – U.S. Highway 19 and Sunset Point Drive
  • Clearwater – U.S. Highway 19 and Drew Street
  • Winter Park – Goldenrod Road and University Boulevard
  • Astor – State Road 40 and State Road 19
  • Kissimmee – Vista Del Lago Boulevard and Route 192
  • Frostproof – South Scenic Highway and County Road 700
  • Hialeah Gardens – Hialeah Gardens Boulevard and North Okeechobee Road

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