In an automobile accident, absolutely, and the reason is that we’re a no-fault state in Florida. Your auto insurance has the obligation to pay your medical bills and your lost wages.

There’s a $10,000 reservoir of money that should pay approximately 80% of your bills. So if the bill’s $1,000 at the hospital, they’ll pay 80%, and 60% of your lost wages. So if you make 100 bucks a week, it’s going to pay 60 bucks a week. It will pay until it’s exhausted.

The trick is that you’ve got to fill out an application for those documents. Unless they get a statement from you, this is your insurance company in an auto accident; they’re not going to send you the document called the “PIP application”.

We do that for our clients because it’s kind of tricky.

But basically, it wants to know where you were when the accident happened, were you wearing the seat belt, did you go by ambulance to the hospital, what doctor did you see, things like that that you need to put out and sign a fraud statement that you’re not making it up.

This is a very serious matter but you do need to talk to your insurance company.

Okay. Now, could you complete that document, that application on your own?

Technically, you could.

There are a couple other attachments to it.

Specifically, they’re going to go, get a Wage and Salary Verification.

That means they’re going to write your employer.

I’d like to oversee that. You don’t want an insurance company snooping around with your boss man, all the sudden, “what’s going on, why is it insurance company writing me.” Or if it’s on the insurance company’s lawyer’s documents or letterhead, that’s kind of scary.

They’re also going to get a medical authorization and I don’t like them getting medical authorizations, they can kind of go on, not a witch hunt, but just a fact-finding mission, that all of a sudden, they’re sending it to the OB-GYN, they’re sending it to your primary care physician, they’re sending it to your diabetes doctor.

We only want them to get the things related to your injury, and that’s very important because there’s bad things in other documents and, also, there’s a right to privacy that we don’t want to be violated.

And I think that’s the best reason to be very careful.

But please, you’ve got to initially raise your hand and say “Hi! insurance company, we’ve been in an accident. I’m reporting it to you,” and let the system work for you.


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