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Workplace injuries can affect health, make you financially unstable, lose a job, affect your life in ways worst imagined. An injury can be caused due to various reasons. It can be caused due to poor conditions of work, unsafe work environment or critical workplace equipment and various other avoidable reasons.

As an injured employee, you are entitled to claim worker’s compensation benefits only if you prove that the injury occurred on the office premise. However, claiming for compensation may not be fruitful under circumstances, where you don’t have sufficient evidence. Moreover, the duration of settlement of such cases may extend to months or years depending on how strong your case criticality.

To successfully settle injury claims, a workers compensation attorney can help you get the right compensation amount based on the severity of your injury. A law firm can use their vast knowledge and experience to gather information and ensure you get the right claim amount.

Difficulties in Getting Workplace Injury Compensation

Getting the right compensation for workplace injuries is a daunting task as the employers make extreme attempts to disqualify your claim for compensation. The situation becomes even more problematic when you are working alone or when no one witnesses your injury.

In all such cases, you will require witnesses, evidence, and various necessary things to support your claim. To ensure everything goes your way, you need reliable workers compensation lawyers in Orlando who can help you support your case strongly.

Things to do When No one Witnesses Your Injury

1. Tell Your Supervisor

No matter whether your injury happens at a construction site, or an air conditioned office, workplace injuries are common. To make sure your job and health safety does not get impacted, it is important to tell your supervisor about it. If you work at a construction site, then tell your construction manager. Doing this will let them know that you have sustained injuries due to a particular reason.

2. Get a Medical Report

If you have developed an injury at the workplace and you are at unease, then it is important to seek medical attention. While explaining the doctor about the unease, be very specific and don’t try to fool around. It is going to make things worse if you are planning to claim for a wrongful purpose as it will be validated and examined carefully.

3. Send an Application at the Workplace

Being a leading orlando workers compensation attorney, we want to mention that documents are the most important part in proving your claim. Make sure to send documents at your workplace or company attaching the medical description of the injury duly signed by the doctor/Physician along with your emails (if any), injury information to your manager/contractor. It will help to prove your case criticality and your genuineness.

Types of Injuries That Can Happen at the Workplace

There can be numerous injuries that can happen at the workplace. The type of injuries varies based on the type of job, however, if it’s the fault of a company and hence it’s important to ask them for your medical support in the form of compensation or insurance claims.

1. Slips, Trips, and Falls

This is a common injury yet can be fatal for someone working at heights. Workers at construction sites are most prone to this type of injury.

2. Muscle strains

Anyone who lifts heavy load is prone to muscle strains which can cause severe health complications and hence must be insured by the company.

3. Burns

Another injury that can happen in any workplace due to short circuits, electricity faults, or due to chemical reactions.

4. Chemical Reactions

Inhaling the hazardous chemicals on a daily basis without proper safety measures can cause severe breathing issues.

5. Electric Shock

Workers at construction sites and in electric departments are prone to electric shocks. It is important that they have a proper precautionary kit with them.

6. Cuts and Lacerations

Cuts can happen anywhere especially in the manufacturing industries. From power saws to heavy machinery, it is important that companies must provide adequate training to their employees.

Do You Require Legal Support and Representation?

Injuries can be of varied types based on the workplace. However, it is the responsibility of the employer to take due consideration of worker’s safety failing which employees have every right to put the company in court.

Make sure you don’t suffer for your company’s negligence and lack of precautionary measures. Consult with our Orlando workers compensation lawyer team that will assist you in everything related to your case ranging supporting you on all technicalities of your case and what you can do to get the required and essential compensation, insurance, pending wages or reimbursements.


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