Okay, the evidence that you need to keep really needs to go to the overall claim. I think you need to keep all your medical records and receipts.

That’s something that clients don’t keep very often, is they give the credit card, they sign it and they lose it. Keep your receipt.

#2, keep all of these forms where doctors check things; low back injury, no lifting over five pounds, no repetitive stooping, squatting. Those things disappear, so you need to keep those things as well.

You also need to keep your letters from other insurance companies they will send you. You’ll get some weird letters after an accident. You need to keep all those letters because it’s important to have it because you will be surprised what policies you may have at work.

A lot of people working for big corporations, say Walt Disney World, don’t have short term/long term disability, impairment, disfigurement, and all of a sudden, this policy starts coming in.

You’ve got to keep that stuff. As far as the vehicle, I want to go back, I need a lot of pictures. A picture is worth of 1,000 words. You’ve got to take a picture of your car before it gets fixed.

And if you’ve got the wherewithal and you’re at the car scene, pull out your car phone and click a picture of the other car. I know it’s a little bit after the fact, but that is something that really helps me later because the other side goes and fixes the car, and they never want us to see it.

And then, I want you to write down what you heard at the scene and you’ve got to do it immediately.

The other guy came up and said, “God darn it, I’m sorry, I was talking to my kids”, “Oh! I didn’t see you. The blue car came out of nowhere”, or “I was in a hurry. I had to get to Wal-Mart to get a prescription for my kids.”

Those things are admissions that can be admitted and you’ll forget them later. You need to also listen and write down what the cop said. You need to hear what he says. When he’s looking at the other side and he’ll say, “I’m giving you a ticket because X, Y, Z”.

Go home and write all that stuff down, because when we first meet, we’re going to go through all that stuff.

Finally, I need the list of all the doctors you’re treating with, your primary care physician, any doctor that you’re seeing for unrelated reasons. All that stuff’s crucial.


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