An auto accident is a pretty stressful experience that can make you feel shaken, injured, or worse.

The most crucial thing to consider first if you are involved in a car accident is the safety of yourself and anyone else harmed.

Cases are most often lost as a result of clients’ actions during the ongoing case.

People make mistakes without knowing and thereby destroy their auto accident case claim. Many of the most common mistakes that can ruin your automobile accident case we see with people happen shortly after the accident.

This article will discuss the ways which lead to destroying your auto accident case.

Not Continuing To Get TreatedA man holding his next as he steps out of his car after an auto accident

The number # 1 mistake that clients make which destroy their auto accident case in Florida is not continuing to get treated after the accident. Many injuries to car accidents aren’t immediately visible.

Injuries to the neck and back are a clear example, as are psychological injuries that may not appear immediately.

If this occurs with your accident and injuries, failure to receive prompt medical care or not continuing to get treated will make it look as if your injuries are not as severe as they are to which the insurance company will take full advantage of to minimize your claim.

Establishing A Strong Auto Accident Case

To establish a strong auto accident case, there are three significant things that you need to prove to get a better amount of compensation. These include:

1. Proving Substantial Property Damage

Proving property damage in an auto accident case is imperative. Proving Property damage consists of photographs of your car from before and after the accident, invoices evidencing repairs, and auto body mechanics testimony.

2. Immediate Onset of Medical Care

It is important to get the immediate onset of medical care after an auto accident. Florida’s PIP law regulates the auto insurance that must be carried by all drivers.

One of the new provisions significantly affects thousands of Floridians: the 14-day rule or provision.

The law specifies that a motorist must seek medical treatment from either a hospital, emergency ambulance, medical practitioner, or dentist 14 days after an auto accident.

When one does not seek medical treatment within the 14 days, their PIP coverage has been forfeited. That means they won’t be covered if certain symptoms don’t surface within the two weeks.

3. Getting Continued Treatment

You should carry on with the treatment before the doctor releases you from it.

The primary reason for this is that your doctor is in the strongest position to assess how badly you are injured and to recommend the right care for you to help you heal better, and to make you as comfortable as possible as you heal.

The records of your visits from your doctor are the best way to document and authenticate the true extent of your injuries, and the course and duration of your treatment. This check is necessary if you claim an injury to a car accident later.

A large component of the damage in a personal injury case is medical treatment and medical bills.


Apart from all the above-mentioned mistakes, one important mistake is not consulting an attorney. Many people miss out on important details or do their case irreversible damage by trying to handle it themselves.

Call in the professionals at Frank M. Eidson, PA. before you say the wrong thing, or get in over your head.

We may ask detailed questions about the injuries and damage to the car which could have a major effect on the results later on.

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