Don’t Get Lost in the Shuffle: Advantages of a Specialized Law Firm

Small Firm Advantages

A Dedicated Attorney

Living in Central Florida, it is hard to go a day without seeing an advertisement for a law firm. Big, rich law firms spend enormous amounts of money so that you cannot drive down a highway, watch television or surf the web without seeing their names and slogans plastered over billboards, commercials and other digital media. While these firms are wealthy and enlist numerous different lawyers, a smaller, more specialized firm may better suit your interest.

Specialized Lawyers

Rather than trying to cover every area of the law, smaller firms typically focus on a few specific areas. This specific focus allows lawyers from small firms to grasp a deeper understanding of their specialized area of the law. For example, if you have been injured on the job, a specialized workers’ compensation attorney would be better suited to earn the compensation you deserve. The specialized attorney will have a much more in depth understanding of the process that will get the compensation you deserve opposed to an attorney from a large firm who has to juggle several types of cases.

Attention to Smaller Cases

Often times large firms will not accept a smaller case because they feel the potential claim is not large enough. At a small firm, your case will receive attention no matter the size.

A Personal Relationship

Smaller firms will spend more time developing personal relationships with their clients, resulting in a much more comfortable experience for both the client and attorney. At a large firm, it is not uncommon to be bounced around between different attorneys and often times you may be unable to get a hold of your attorney without an appointment. At a small firm, the client comes first. Lawyers from small firms are much more capable of producing a personable experience for their clients.

​​​​​​​In Conclusion

It is important to weigh your options when choosing an attorney. While it may be easier to call the number you saw on twenty billboards driving down the interstate, it is important that you seek out other options. A small, specialized law firm that offers careful attention and dedication to your type of case may better suit your interests. It is imperative you choose an experienced, thoughtful attorney to earn the compensation you deserve. Call experienced attorney Frank Eidson, P.A. at 407-315-2695 for a free case review. Additionally, you may email Frank personally at or visit his office at 327 N. Orange Ave, Orlando, FL, 32801.


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