The idea of driving down the roads of Central Florida on a motorcycle while not wearing a helmet is attractive to many Floridians. The laws of Florida have changed a great deal and if you are involved in a motorcycle accident; the law is very different in Florida.

The basic fact is that a motorcycle accident usually involves a more serious injury than most automobile accidents because of the lack of protections. In the United States, there are over 5,000 motorcyclist killed in accidents and usually it is the fault of the car driver because of the failure to yield the right of way to the motorcycle.

The following are some basic do’s and don’ts when involved in a motorcycle accident:

1. It is very import to gather all evidence concerning the crash. This means you will need to keep a photograph of your motorcycle accident, copy of the acc report and info of the law enforcement officer who write up the ticket.

2. If you do not go by ambulance to the hospital, then it is necessary for you to get a police report. There are so many people that do not get the police report and it makes it very difficult to present a claim at a later date.

3. A basic form traffic crash report is required for every motor vehicle/motorcycle accident in Florida.

4. At the scene of the accident, you must obtain the information which includes the name and address of where you can mail a claim. The insurance company on the other side will attempt to settle with you early but you need to contact me so that we can navigate the difficult ins-outs of a motorcycle claim.

5. You will need to write down the model, make, year and license plate number for the car involved in the accident. If it involves a truck, then you will need to get that truck information especially if it is a commercial vehicle. If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident with a work truck, then you need to write down the name of the company on the side of the vehicle.

6. Do not make a statement to the insurance company or anyone that has a tape recorder. The only people I want you to speak to are the police and give them your side of the story.

7. Take lots of pictures. A picture is worth a thousand words and this is very important to take pictures of the scene, the vehicles involved and the surrounding traffic devices such as stop signs and other traffic devices.

8. Please do not make any statements to the other side. It is very important that you do not apologize or admit any fault in the claim. My investigators and accident deconstructionist will decide how the accident happened and we just want you to explain the facts to us and to no one else. It is very important that you do not argue with the police officer of the driver of the other vehicle.

9. Please keep medical records and copies of everything given to you at the hospital or walk-in clinic. If you go to your family doctor, I want a copy of his name, address and telephone number as well as any healthcare providers given to you.

Finally, the laws in Florida are very different for motorcycles and I would be happy to discuss this with you at407-315-2998 or toll free at (888)245-2855.


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