I like the question of “what you should not do” in a Florida auto accident, because it’s kind of misdirecting you in a certain direction and the main direction is “don’t settle your case.”

Don’t settle your case, that’s the #1 objective of every adjuster out there. Just think about it. I settled with a guy at the scene for $500. It turns out he had back surgery and the case was worth $500,000.

How do they move up the line from a claims adjuster, to a claim supervisor, to claim manager, to the executive of the insurance industry?

By not paying on claims, paying less than it’s worth. And I guarantee you, they’re back around the water bottles saying, “That guy probably had a broken wrist and I got off the hook for 500 bucks.”

Don’t do it, don’t talk to them.

But like I’ve said before, if your car is dinged up and you feel fine, go ahead and talk to the property damage adjuster.

This is key.

There’s a bodily injury adjuster and there’s a property damage adjuster. Property for your car which is property, bodily injury for your injury on your body.

Find a deal with that property damage person, “Hey, we’re going to fix your car. Here’s $1,000. That’s the estimate. Go fix it yourself.” Make sure it says “property damage” on the top. Don’t let them slide in there “bodily injury”.

If you do, you’re done, you’re done. Let it go. After a few days, two, three, four days, it’s not too late to go to the doctor. How many times have you lifted something that doesn’t start hurting you the next day?

Juries understand that. You still have a claim.

Don’t settle on the scene. Wait and see what happens. You have a four-year statue of limitations to present the case and file a lawsuit.

You’ve got a five-year statue on an insured motorist. That’s a lifetime. Don’t cut it short and settle the first two or three days just because you need a couple of bucks because your Visa is late.

Make sure you’re okay. Make sure you’re going to the doctor. And if you need a lawyer, call somebody.


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