Personal Injury Settlements

Premises Liability


The plaintiff died as a result of a negligent business owner.

Automobile Accidents

$1.2 Million

The plaintiff was injured in a t-bone car accident and required two back surgeries. He also lost his job paying $50,000 per year. He received a $1.2 million verdict, and Social Security disability benefits totaling $1,600 per month.

Workers’ Compensation

Indemnity and Medical Benefits for Life

The claimant was exposed to pesticides at work. His employer and insurance carrier denied that he was injured on the job. He was awarded indemnity and medical benefits for life after a merits hearing and an appeal.

Social Security

Lifetime Benefits

The claimant suffered severe orthopedic injuries, which required multiple surgeries. The Social Security Administration denied benefits. Frank M. Eidson, P.A., obtained lifetime benefits at trial.

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Mr. Eidson’s goal is to deliver success and security for his clients, who are victims of the negligence of others. He has obtained a variety of large settlements totaling hundreds of millions of dollars. Above is a small sampling of his successful outcomes

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