Special Considerations

Special_ConsiderationsSpecial consideration must be given to the many unique aspects of a truck accident case. Due to his experience in this area of the law, attorney Frank M. Eidson understands these differences. He knows how to identify the issues that can arise in these case and how to overcome them.

These special considerations include:

The need for an immediate, aggressive investigation.

Evidence must be quickly preserved and reviewed after a truck accident occurs. This evidence includes the tractor-trailer, its electronic data recorder (EDR, or “black box”), logbooks and maintenance records. Trucking companies, and their insurers, may make it difficult to gain access to this evidence if immediate action is not taken. In the worst cases, the trucking company will hide or destroy it.

The number parties who may be liable.

In most cases, the truck driver is not the only party who should be held accountable for a crash. The trucking company, or carrier, may also be responsible as well as a shipping company, broker, manufacturer or government agency. These may be out-of-state or foreign corporations. It will be crucial to identify every party who should be held to account for your injuries or losses.

State and federal regulations may have been violated.

When a crash occurs between two passenger vehicles, one of the first steps in the investigation is to determine whether a violation of state driving laws occurred. If a crash involves a large commercial truck, however, it will be crucial to look into whether state and federal trucking regulations were violated. These regulations are vast and complex. They govern the practices of truck drivers and trucking companies. They cover everything from how many hours a trucker can be on the road to how many axles should be on a trailer. An attorney must have a thorough understanding of these rules.

Experts must be consulted.

It is important to understand the dynamics of a tractor-trailer in order to determine why an accident happened. A lawyer must have a firm grasp of these dynamics and – more importantly – should be able to turn to highly qualified engineers and other experts who can help in this determination.

Truck accident victims can suffer catastrophic injuries.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) statistics show just how devastating truck accidents can be. For instance, in one recent year, nearly 4,000 people died in large truck crashes – 73 percent of whom were occupants of the other vehicles involved in the crash. Some of the severe injuries that truck accident victims may suffer are burns, fractures, traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury. it will be important to work with a lawyer who understands what it takes to secure full and fair compensation for a truck accident victim in order to ensure their medical needs are met in the years after the crash.

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Handling a commercial truck accident case demands skill, experience and resources. It also requires taking on trucking companies and their insurers, who may resist accepting full responsibility for the harm a victim has suffered.

At Frank M. Eidson, P.A., we have been standing up for the victims of truck accidents and their families for many years. We understand the special considerations that must be given to those cases, and we work hard to seek just compensation for our clients.

If you have been injured in a truck accident in Orlando, Winter Park or elsewhere in Florida, contact Orlando truck accident attorney Frank M. Eidson to learn more about your legal rights and options. Our consultations are always free.


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