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Orlando Vehicle Accident Investigation & Reconstruction

At Frank M. Eidson, P.A., we provide comprehensive auto accident investigation and reconstruction, when necessary, for individuals who have been involved in serious car accidents, truck accidents, and motorcycle accidents. Using forensics and the expertise of trucking accident reconstruction specialists, auto accident lawyer Frank Eidson can conduct a thorough study of your auto accident case to provide you with an unbiased evaluation. Often, insurance companies will look for any factor, regardless of how small, that could exonerate them from having to pay a settlement. Accident investigation and reconstruction, conducted by our Orlando, Mount Dora, and Kissimmee, Florida-area trucking accident lawyer can give you the leverage you need to file a personal injury lawsuit against an insurance provider that is failing to grant you fair compensation.

If needed, trucking accident investigation and reconstruction can help our Central Florida auto accident lawyer build a strong case on your behalf. At our office, we have successfully recovered millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements on behalf of past clients; we can help you too. Contact Frank M. Eidson, P.A., today.

Trucking Accident Investigation

If you have been in a trucking accident, it immediate investigation is very important. Working with a truck company or its insurance company after a collision with a semi-truck is very different than dealing with an insurance company that insures a private passenger car. Trucking companies and trucking insurance adjusters investigating the cause of trucking collisions and potential claims will act quickly to find any evidence or witnesses that they can use to avoid financial responsibility to those injured in truck accidents.

Trucking companies routinely fly investigators and accident reconstructionists to the scene. They immediately interview all witnesses and try to get statements favorable to the truck driver. Additionally, insurance companies will carefully detail evidence at the scene to help support their theory of the accident. The insurance provider may offer victims a lump sum in exchange for dropping further legal or financial claims against them. However, these settlements are typically very minimal and may not account for long term medical care, lost wages, physical and emotional suffering, and other damages related to the trucking accident.

At our Orlando office, convenient to Kissimmee and Mount Dora, our trucking accident lawyer can help you recover the fair compensation to which you are entitled. Schedule a free consultation today.

Contact Our Orlando Trucking Accident Attorney

If you have been involved in a crash, protect your rights by consulting a skilled trucking accident lawyer like Frank Eidson. Contact the firm of Frank M. Eidson, P.A., today to discuss their accidents and determine if they have a case. We can help investigate and reconstruct the circumstances of your motor vehicle accident. By conducting a thorough, unbiased analysis, we can evaluate your claim and strengthen your case. To learn more about accident investigation and reconstruction, contact Orlando, Kissimmee, and Mount Dora trucking accident lawyer today and schedule your free consultation.