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Whiplash is a delayed injury. This means that the symptoms may not show up for days or weeks after your accident, even though you have actually been injured. Some people might think that they are just experiencing pain from the accident and put off getting treatment until it becomes unbearable. 

But waiting to start your car accident claim can make things worse because by then it will be more difficult to prove how bad your injuries are, which could result in less compensation money for you. Don’t wait! Start your car accident claim today!

Here’s the thing about auto accidents and whiplash…

They’re delayed, right?

That means that you might not feel pain for 5 to 10 days.

Remember in Florida, under your PIP (personal injury protection)  policy, you have 14 days to present a claim for your medical bills or lost wages, or they will not pay.

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Central Florida Car Accident Claims 

As you are reading this blog post, it is likely that you or someone close to you has been in a car accident. You may be feeling scared and alone right now, but the good news is that there are resources available for victims of car accidents. 

The first step after being in an accident is speaking with your insurance company about how to start your claim so they can help get things moving quickly. Your insurance should work to ensure that all medical bills associated with the crash are covered as well as provide financial support during these tough times.  

If you have any concerns about what steps to take next, please speak with a qualified attorney, like Frank Eidson, who can answer any questions and guide you through this process.

Frank Eidson – Orlando Florida Car Accident Attorney

When dealing with whiplash from an auto accident, ​​you might feel fine one day, but then wake up in excruciating pain with neck stiffness. If this sounds like you, don’t wait to start your car accident claim! 

Call our office today so we can help get you on the right track to financial recovery. We will work closely with medical professionals so they can provide their expert opinions about how long it will take before you are recovered enough to return back to work, if at all.

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