Our firm is accepting victims who have suffered from the migration of a Mirena IUD into the abdominal cavity. These lawsuits are mounting because of the continuing evidence that the device tends to migrate after being inserted by a physician.

The cases will ultimately arrive in a Federal Court with multidistrict litigation. Multidistrict Litigation (MDL) is not a class action. A class action is when every individual has been injured to the same degree. For instance, if a local cable company charges everyone $100.00 more each month, then a class action will be created so that everyone will receive their $100.00.

Multidistrict Litigation is different because we represent each person on an individual basis. The cases are ultimately placed into a District Court in the county and state where the manufacturer of the drug has some business contacts. Once the district is determined, then individual cases are filed in that MDL for purpose of discovery.

The discovery period is when lawyers for both the pharmaceutical industry and the individuals take depositions, submit interrogatories and obtain information from the other side. This takes typically twelve to twenty-four months and the idea is that all of the cases can go through discovery at the same time.

Ultimately, a trial date is set and four cases are picked for each side. These four cases are then tried and an average is obtained so that a settlement can occur. The Judge then determines an allocation model and each individual depending on their injury will receive an individual reward. All of the rewards will be for a different amount.

If you or someone you know has had trouble with a Mirena IUD please contact our Mirena IUD Lawyers toll free at (888)245-2855 or through my website https://frankeidson.com.


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