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You never know when or where a car accident might happen, but if you live in or around Orlando, Florida, or ever visit the area, chances are that at some point you or someone in your family will be involved in a car accident. The experience of being injured or seeing another human being get hurt can be traumatic and it’s important to have someone on your side who is experienced and knowledgeable about the law.

Here Are 6 Reasons Why it Makes Sense to Choose a Car Accident Lawyer in or Near Orlando

  1. No matter where the car accident occurred or if someone else was at fault or not, you may be entitled to compensation or settlement.
  2. If you or someone in your family was injured or killed, it’s important to have a lawyer who can help make sure that the insurance company provides fair and reasonable benefits.
  3. You may not know how long an injury will affect you or if there are any consequences of car accidents that we’re unaware of yet – or if a car accident could have been prevented or had no negative consequences.
  4. There are many difficult decisions that need to be made in the aftermath of an injury or car accident, and it’s best to discuss these with someone who is experienced.
  5. You want someone on your side that will monitor your case from the beginning until the end so you can be sure that the insurance company is in compliance with Florida or Federal laws.
  6. You are entitled to have a lawyer represent you for car accidents if it was someone else’s fault or even your own – so choose wisely and find out more about me or one of my associates today!

You May Be Entitled to Compensation or a Settlement

When a car accident occurs, it’s always important to know who was at fault. You may need compensation or settlement if the other party is not acting responsibly.
Some people believe that they are entitled to recompense following an unfortunate event like an auto collision; but what about when you’re dealing with someone else’s carelessness? Sometimes we have no choice but to take responsibility for their mistakes and put your own life on hold while waiting for them to come through financially – don’t let this happen! Make sure you get all of the financial help possible so that getting back into society won’t be a burden in any way whatsoever. I can help make sure that you are properly compensated against a negligent driver.

Even if you are not at fault, a car accident can still be stressful and it can sometimes take years to get back on your feet if it is serious enough.
No matter where the collision occurred or who is to blame for what, no one wants their life turned upside down by an injury from such a devastating event as being involved in an automobile wreck. It could involve months of rehabilitation with physical therapy before getting back on your feet again — but you may have been entitled to compensation because someone else made this happen!

You Need a Lawyer that Knows How to Work with Insurance Companies

You never know when you’re going to get into a car accident. Along with the physical pain, it can be difficult navigating through what insurance companies do or don’t cover and how they treat your family in such situations – luckily we have great lawyers who are ready to go at all times!

If somebody is involved in an unfortunate event that results in death or injury (say like a car crash), then having legal representation on their side makes sure the other party’s insurer pays out fair benefits for medical bills, lost wages, etc.

Fortunately for us here at Frank Eidson law firm, if something does happen, I personally will always be there for you every step of the way to help make this process as smooth as possible. I have won hundreds of thousands of dollars for my clients from truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, personal injury claims, insurance disputes, and even lost wages.

You Need a Lawyer Who Looks After Your Best Interests

You may not know the extent of the damage done in an auto collision until much later on. Sometimes people don’t realize just how much they were injured during a serious auto accident, because it wasn’t apparent right away. That is why I always recommend getting checked out by a doctor as soon as possible after an auto accident.

If you don’t know of a doctor to visit – I can help you out and will set you up with a doctor. As an attorney who focuses on personal injury law, I will cover the costs of your medical bills upfront because, after a car accident claim, you are entitled to personal injury protection.
The state of Florida is a no-fault state, which means that you need an Orlando car accident lawyer you can trust to recover compensation you deserve.

Having Experienced Orlando Car Accident Lawyers is a Must-Have

With the help of an experienced auto accident attorney, like me – Frank Eidson, you can make informed decisions in a timely manner that will protect your best interests.

Many difficult decisions need to be made after an injury or car accident- and while these are personal choices it’s important to understand what each decision would entail before making them yourself. With the aid of counsel from someone who is familiar with different legal options available during this time period, people have been able to choose which route may work for their individual case most effectively without taking on too much risk themselves.

You Need a Car Accident Lawyer That is Here for You From Start to Finish

Get legal protection today so you can live better tomorrow. If you have recently been in a serious car accident, and are looking for legal representation, do not hesitate to call my office today to schedule a free consultation at a time that works for you.

Insurance companies are greedy, manipulative entities that use scare tactics to get what they want from innocent people. It’s high time we take the power back and make them work for us instead of vice versa by getting a law firm on our side who will help monitor every aspect of your case until it ends in victory!
I’m not like the other Orlando car accident attorneys that you see on the television. I am here to help you after a motor vehicle accident no matter the level of your insurance coverage.

You Are Entitled to Proper Representation After Motor Vehicle Accidents

You deserve an attorney to represent your interests when facing a car accident. You can choose me or one of my associates for any legal needs you have and we will be more than happy to help. We are here 24/7, so call now if you need us!

You should always consult with qualified counsel in the event that someone’s negligence endangers your life. Choose wisely because no matter who is at fault, it could lead to serious consequences like medical expenses and lost wages from missing work as well as pain and suffering due to injury sustained during the collision caused by another driver’s carelessness on our roads where every second counts until emergency responders arrive on the scene – just think how much worse things might get…

Frank Eidson – Orlando Car Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been in an accident and needs someone to represent your interests, then we have the perfect person for you. Frank Eidson is a car accident lawyer in Orlando who specializes in helping people get back on their feet after being injured or wronged by another individual or company. He will go through all of the necessary steps to help you obtain compensation for your injuries or losses.

Call Us Today at 407-245-2887: If you or a loved one has recently been in an automobile accident, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at Frank Eidson PA. We are the Orlando car accident lawyer who will get you the compensation you deserve against negligent drivers.


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