Hey guys, if you’ve been in an accident in Central Florida, whether it’s a car accident or injury on the job, you need to take as many photographs as you can. 

In fact, you need to act like the paparazzi. 

Photo Documentation Can Make or Break Your Case

If you are in an accident, Orlando Lawyer, Frank Eidson suggests that you take photos of the scene to document what happened. Many people believe that taking pictures is unnecessary and time-consuming when it comes to filing a claim after an accident

Frank Eidson disagrees because documentation can help prove who was at fault for the incident if it wasn’t your fault. In today’s blog, we explain the 5 reasons why you should always take photographs at the scene of an auto accident including: 

A man holding a phone as he takes pictures of an accident he was just involved in in Orlando Florida and getting ready to call an attorney

1. Ensuring Accurate Police Reports

Depending on the situation and the police officers at the scene of the accident, proper visual documentation could help ensure that the police report is correct and accurate down to small details that could help prove you’re not the negligent party at fault. 

Nowadays, with smartphones, everyone should be capable of properly documenting an incident whether that be through recording a video showing the entire scene, or specific photographs that show evidence that aid your defense claim. 

2. Providing Evidence in Court 

Not all accidents end up going to be settled in a court of law, but if you find yourself in a serious accident, having photo/video evidence to show in court could be all the judge needs to side with us. 

This is especially important if what we are arguing in court differs from what was filed in the police report during the time of the accident

3. Protecting Yourself from Insurance Fraud 

Having pictures can help in determining liability for property damage claims and protecting yourself from fraudulent lawsuits. Here at Frank Eidson PA, we recommend that you take pictures from multiple angles to show all details of the accident including: 

  • The site where the damage occurred 
  • Any skid marks or tire tracks left behind during the incident 
  • Damage done to your vehicle and any other property involved in the accident ● People involved in the accident and their injuries 
  • Your own vehicle before moving it if possible to ensure that all damage done is accurately documented. 
  • Take photographs at all angles (wide & up close) 
  • Ensure that you take photos if you are injured to help prove injuries and damage done ● Ensure that you take pictures of the people involved in an accident including a photo ID which can be used as documentation later. 
  • We also advise people who are injured at an auto accident scene or go to the hospital after an incident where they were involved to take photos. This can help prove injuries and damage done in the event of a fraudulent lawsuit or if you are not charged fairly by police. 

4. Assisting with Your Insurance Claim

You’ll want to provide as many photos and videos of your damages so that the adjuster can get an accurate idea of what was missed on their initial report. 

I’m sure you’ve had experiences where someone comes out stating they found a few little things, but nothing too major? They might try telling this person about all new issues discovered after reviewing everything again – only now there’s no way back! With visual evidence available at all times (in addition to written records), no one will ever say those words again because we’ll always have proof right in front us once something goes wrong. 

5. Preserving Evidence 

Evidence goes missing more often than you would think! That is why making sure that you hold on to the photos/videos that you record at the scene of an accident is so important. It’s crucial to keep the time stamped photos or videos saved onto your phone or computer just in case the proof of your innocence goes missing. 

Involved in an Accident? Take as Many Pictures as Possible. 

Have you been injured in an accident? 

If you have, then you know how difficult it can be to recover from the physical and emotional trauma of being hurt. You may feel overwhelmed by your injuries, but Frank Eidson is here to help. He has more than 25 years of experience helping people just like you get back on their feet after a serious injury. With his extensive knowledge and understanding of personal injury 

law, he will fight for your rights as if they were his own. And because he’s local to Orlando, Florida – where many accidents happen – he knows what it takes to win cases that involve car accidents, slip-and-fall incidents or other types of negligence claims against another party. 

When someone else is responsible for causing your injuries, don’t let them get away with it! Call Frank Eidson today at 407-245-2887 so he can start working on your case right away! He’ll make sure that the negligent party pays for all the damages they caused including medical bills and lost wages due to time off work recovering from those injuries. It’s never too late to file a claim so call now before any evidence disappears or memories fade about exactly what happened during the incident that left you injured! Let us take care of everything while you focus on getting better again soon! 

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