If you are looking for personal injury lawyers in Orlando, Florida that will provide quality representation and personal attention to your case, then look no further. Frank Eidson is a personal injury lawyer who provides personal attention to all of his cases and will work relentlessly until he gets the results that you deserve. He has more than 30 years of experience as a personal injury lawyer in Orlando Florida.

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Personal Injury Attorney – Why Choose Frank?

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Personal injury cases can be very personal and emotionally draining, which is why you need to work with a personal injury lawyer who will fight for the compensation that you deserve. Here are five reasons why working with Frank Eidson as your personal injuries attorney in Orlando Florida is an excellent choice:

  1. Experienced Trial Lawyer
  2. Always Free Consultations
  3. Not  Some  Television Lawyer
  4. Personalized Legal Advice
  5. Get the Compensation You Deserve

1. Experienced Florida Trial Lawyers

Frank Eidson is an experienced personal injury attorney with 34 years of experience that has helped his clients get the compensation they deserve. He has a team committed to providing you with excellent representation, and he will work hard for your case from beginning to end while taking all necessary measures in order to help reach justice.

Frank has the know-how to make sure your case gets resolved quickly and properly.  He knows how to investigate incidents so they don’t go unsolved, and his courtroom skills are unparalleled because he won’t settle or accept settlements until it feels like enough money has been recovered on behalf of his client. He focuses exclusively on personal injury law- From car accidents to personal injury on the job, he can take care of everything and make sure you get what you deserve.

2. Free No-Pressure Consultations

The personal injury law firm of Frank Eidson will never charge you a fee to meet and discuss a possible case. Frank Eidson is one of the most trusted personal injury law firms in Orlando FL. We will NEVER charge you a fee to meet and discuss your case with an experienced attorney, so contact us today!

The story about Frank Eidson’s Personal Injury Law Firm has been shared by many people on social media because everyone knows that if they’re ever involved in an accident or otherwise harmed due to negligence from another person or company, we are their best chance for getting justice. If you are feeling hesitant to reach out – check out some of our reviews.

3. Not Some Television Lawyer

You’ll work directly with him throughout the entire process from start to finish – Unlike some other lawyers who are always unavailable or too busy, Frank Eidson will talk through every detail of your case personally at no additional cost.

4. Personalized Legal Advice

Once he takes on your case with his personal injuries law firm in Orlando Florida, Frank Eidson is committed to making sure that it’s resolved properly so you don’t have any more worries. His personal injury team has decades of experience helping people like you- They know how crucial this moment is for everyone involved when dealing with a personal injury claim.

Each client’s situation is different – that’s why having personalized legal advice that is tailored to your specific situation is so important. Unlike other Orlando personal injury lawyers, Frank wants to take the time to learn about you and your situation – whether it has to deal with medical malpractice, unjust medical bills, fraudulent medical expenses, a wrongful death,  a car accident, lost wages from an employer, or social security disability claims – Frank is here to help you.

5. Get the Compensation You Deserve

When you are injured and someone else is at fault, it can be hard to know how to proceed.

You need a lawyer that will fight for your rights, but also an attorney who cares about you as a person and not just a case number or dollar sign.

Frank Eidson is the Orlando personal injury lawyer with over 30 years of experience helping people get what they deserve after being hurt in car accidents, slip and falls, dog bites, defective products, and more. He has gotten millions of dollars in awards for his clients because he works tirelessly on their behalf to make sure they are treated fairly by insurance companies. Don’t settle until you speak with him first!

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Orlando Personal Injury Attorney

Not all attorneys are created equal, and if you need a personal injury lawyer to fight for your rights, you want someone who will do whatever it takes to win.

When you’re injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, the last thing on your mind is finding a good attorney. You just want to get better as soon as possible. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize how important it is to hire an experienced attorney until they’ve already lost their case by going with some cheap legal firm or doing nothing at all.

Frank Eidson is an Orlando personal injury attorney that has been helping victims of car accidents and other injuries since 1982. We have the experience needed to help our clients get the compensation they deserve while also protecting their rights throughout the process – whether we win or lose!

Our team of lawyers knows what works and what doesn’t when it comes time for negotiations with insurance companies, which means we can give our clients more money than most firms would be. Frank has recovered millions of dollars for injured people throughout Central Florida and is committed to providing personal attention to each case as if they were his only client.

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