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Florida is the Sunshine State, but it’s not without its risks. For many Floridians, work injuries are a part of life. If you’re injured at work and need to file for workers’ compensation benefits, I can help.

​​You may be wondering how to proceed after you get injured on the job in Florida. There are many steps that need to be taken to ensure your injuries and medical bills are covered, as well as any legal action you may want to take. This blog post will cover four things every Floridian needs to do if they become injured or ill at work. 

[Insert 4 Things to do After You Get Injured on the Job TikTok] Hey guys, it’s Frank Eidson, your Central Florida workers’ comp lawyer with four things you need to know when you get injured on the job in Florida.

4 Things To Do After You Get Injured on the Job in Florida

Number One:  You have to give notice to your employer. That means text, call or email them to notify them of your injury. 

Number Two:  A notice of injury needs to be generated –  a notice of injury is a document that is sent to the insurance company that opens your file (claim). 

Number Three:  Go to the walk-in clinic that the insurance company will give you and tell them EVERYTHING that’s been injured.

Number Four: Visit my website ​​https://www.frankeidson.com/ or give me a call directly,  so we can get started today.

Notify Your Employer

Your employer has some very strict rules about on-the-job injuries. If you’re ever injured while working, it’s important to report the injury immediately so that your boss can help get you back on track as soon as possible.

Some states require written notice of an injury within a certain time frame in order for employees to have legal recourse when seeking workers compensation benefits from their employers after something bad happens at work but others don’t care how or even if they are notified – only requiring proof of an accident before approving claims against negligent companies who let unsafe conditions persist under their watch.

Since filing deadlines vary by state, make sure to follow any necessary procedures and file paperwork quickly rather than risk losing out!

In Florida, you must report any injuries within 30 days of their occurrence. If a condition or illness develops over time and is related to work in some way, you have only 30 days from the date this relationship was discovered before notifying your employer about it–failure to do so may mean losing benefits entirely.

Notice of Injury

After you have notified your place of employment of your injury – it is their responsibility to then provide a notice of injury to their current insurance provider.

If you suspect that your employer may not have the proper insurance coverage – due to them acting shady or sketchy with you after you notify them of your injury – contact me ASAP.

If your employer does not have workers’ compensation insurance, you may be eligible to receive benefits from a state fund created for this purpose. If the employer is required by law to carry such insurance but fails or neglects it, they can also be sued in court on negligence charges.

Visit the Doctor ASAP

While you are expected to visit employer-approved physicians under most circumstances, if you need emergency medical care or simply do not know how to get approved physician visits as a worker’s compensation patient, the closest available emergency treatment location will suffice. 

Inform the ER staff that your injury happened at work and provide contact information for your employer so they can help with further necessary actions. Once the emergency is over though, any more care should come from an office of one of these employers or their workers’ compensation insurer directly afterward since it might be easier on both parties involved in terms of time management and payment arrangements if done this way instead.

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Workers’ compensation is an important social safety net for those who have been injured on the job. The law firm of Frank Eidson specializes in Florida worker’s comp claims, which can help people potentially recover lost wages, unpaid medical bills and be compensated with disability benefits among other things!

For over 30 years now, Frank Eidson has helped advocate against workers’ rights violations by providing his extensive experience as a lawyer to handle any case professionally and carefully regardless of their complexity or difficulty level.

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