AstraZeneca Faces More Legal Trouble Over Popular Anti-Psychotic Drug

The blockbuster anti-psychotic medication, Seroquel, is the focus of more legal drama for drug maker, AstraZeneca. The company is facing claims that it hid health risks associated with use of its top-selling drug when selling it to residents in Arkansas.

In March, AstraZeneca agreed to pay more than $68 million as a resolution to claims of deceptive marketing practices for Seroquel, and by September of 2012, the company will face trail in Arkansas over sales of the drug. The state is seeking a $5,000 penalty for each prescription written for the drug in Arkansas over an 11-year period, beginning in 1997. AstraZeneca officials remain confident that the company will be “fully vindicated” as the case against them moves forward.

AstraZeneca is the world’s second largest manufacturer of prescription drugs, and Seroquel is the company’s second-biggest selling product.