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Because of their size and weight distribution, semi trucks are more prone to rollovers than ordinary vehicles and, when they roll, they are more likely to impact other vehicles. Thousands of people are injured each year in semi truck rollover accidents. Frank M. Eidson, serving south Florida, Melbourne, and Orlando, is a skilled semi truck accident lawyer and can help victims of rollover accidents obtain compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, and other losses. In his 18 years of experience, he’s successfully achieved hundreds of favorable verdicts and settlements for his clients.

Types of Rollover Accidents

There are two kinds of rollovers – tripped and non-tripped. Tripped rollovers occur when a vehicle hits an obstacle, like a curb or shoulder, with enough lateral momentum to force it to roll. Non-tripped rollovers occur on flat ground and are much less common; they typically occur when a driver attempts to brake sharply and turn at the same time.

Causes and Prevention

Though each semi truck accident is different, as our lawyer will tell you, the most common aspect of all rollover accidents is excessive speed. In many cases, the driver will underestimate the length or sharpness of a curve and enter into it with too much speed. This is particularly common on freeway exit ramps, though it can happen anywhere. In some cases, the driver misjudges the weight of the trailer he’s pulling, or drifts off the road and overcompensates. In many cases, semi truck drivers can prevent a rollover accident by simply reducing speed; however, if there are inadequate warning signs before a sharp turn, drivers may not realize that they need to slow down.

Establishing Liability

In many semi truck accident lawsuits, the driver is found liable for damages due to negligence or excessive speed. However, sometimes the trucking companies who employ the drivers do not train them sufficiently and are held responsible. In other cases, those who loaded a dangerously top-heavy truck may be found liable. The job of a semi truck accident lawyer is to establish liability, proving that their client was directly or indirectly harmed by the actions of another. Located in Orlando and serving Melbourne and south Florida, semi truck accident attorney Frank Eidson has proven, through many impressive verdicts and settlements, that he can do exactly that.

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In south Florida, the semi truck accident rate has become tragically high. At our Orlando practice, near Melbourne, our semi truck accident lawyer has helped thousands of victims obtain compensation for lost wages, medical bills, and property damage caused by the negligence of others. Frank Eidson is also experienced in workers’ compensation cases, personal injury law, and wrongful death lawsuits, and has extensive knowledge of Florida laws. Contact our personal injury practice today to find out more, or to schedule a free consultation.